Firstly I rightfully do not endorse Christians trying to make money of the gospel, asking for money or any of the adds, or the Bibles, books, tapes listed here for sale too..

Some more GREAT Christian links
1: For some people a picture is worth a thousand words.. and that is what a Wallpaper with Bible verses are worth as well.. but much more too.
FREE Bible versed Wallpapers sites

Other sites to ALSO visit
Do you really now know what the Bible now actually says about the Holy Spirit,  Jesus Christ, God, Apostles, Elders, Deacons, Water Baptism, Holy Spirit Baptism,  Work, Works, Prophecy, repentance, forgiveness, healing, tithing,  etc.?  Well  now, today you can read some introductory devotionals on these topics here.  Do also Book mark this index and send it to others as well.
2:  Another Great Internet site...  It seems in life that many of us seem to have the same common problems, sooner or later.. marriage, divorce, money, depression, jobs, praying, healing, and so forth.  We all tend to appreciate valid Biblical help in this area and we do search for valid truths here as well.  It is in this regard that I have also created a site that deals with Biblical answers to these common issues..
and   see also

Bookmark, and  please do recommend also these good site to others as well.
3: Some Great Internet Sites specifically made for Christians Web sites
for the persons who want to post free Graphic images on their site(s).
Site A= Blank wallpapers-
Just add your own Bible verses to the wallpapers.
Png, gif Images (*) that you can readily paste on the blank wallpapers
Small sized Bible versed, Christian images
Stationary, site backgrounds images
Jesus and space
Please do Note this:
(* Png and gif images although they consume saved more drive space can retain a clear, transparent background. It is suggested still that the final image created in  your graphic editors such as Paint Shop Pro, Gimp   be next saved as a Jpg file and not as a Bmp file to save on drive space, and to reduce the file size of uploads and downloads.)
All free. Please use any material freely

4: Other Great Christian Material
Arthur Blessitt's Books Online For Free
Good Christian books are rareArthur Blessitt He is just one of God's many special

Arthur, A Pilgrim

"JESUS" JESUS is a remarkable film, full of drama. The attention to biblical accuracy catapults you back into the life and time of Jesus Christ. You walk the same historical streets, you experience the same wonderful miracles, and you are touched by the power of God as you relive the most important events in the history of mankind.  From the Gospel of  Luke. "
 In order to view the "JESUS" film you will need to download the RealPlayer available from Progressive Networks (
Christian oriented Movies Links online 
 (Note: You need to haveto get  RealPlayer to watch movies. If you don't have it)
The Revolutionary  See this film, about a revolutionary man named Jesus (51 min).
The Revolutionary II  Part two of the short film about Jesus's life (52 min).
The Emissary Paul's mission, and his calling in life to serve the Lord! (57 min).
Carman - Hymns  Carman's special performance of Hymn's (59 min).
Praise Highlights Highlights of Praise and worship aired on TBN in 1999 (120 min).
To Hell and Back  Dr. Maurice Rawlings explores our life after death (88 min).
Kathryn Kulhman   Kathryn Kuhlman, the amazing woman teacher of the word (59 min).
No More Tears As told by Jan Crouch on the banks of the sea of Galilee about depression (46 min).
The Smile of a Child  provides toys to thousands of hurting children in need around the world(5 min).
 Get Free Christian Books at

Free Videos on Noah's Ark Discovery
To download a video clip to your hard drive for viewing later, right click on the "Download it" link underneath the clip, and in the pop-up menu, click "Save Target As" (If you're using Internet Explorer), or click "Save Link As" (If you're using Netscape).
Presentation Of Discoveries:

Noah's Ark - 11 min.
Stream It (56K)] [Download it]

Sodom And Gomorrah - 9 min.
Stream It (56K)] [Download it]

Red Sea Crossing - 7 min.
Stream It (56K)] [Download it]

Mt. Sinai - 13 min.
Stream It (56K)] [Download it]

Ark of The Covenant - 9 min.
Stream It (56K)] [Download it]

Feature Length Movies:

Noah's Ark - 2 hour video:
Part 1 of 2 - 70 min.
Stream It (56K)] [Download it]
Part 2 of 2 - 50 min.
Stream It (56K)] [Download it]

The Exodus:
Part 1 of 1 - 90 min.
Stream It (56K)] [Download it]

Sodom And Gomorrah:
Part 1 of 1 - 45 min.
Stream It (56K)] [Download it]

Tour the Wyatt Museum:
Part 1 of 1 - 55 min.
Stream It (56K)] [Download it]
To see the PICTURES of  the discovered NOAH's ARK SEE ALSO

Original Trinity Hymnal

Bible helps, References
The New Topical Text Book: A Scripture Text Book for the Use of Ministers,  Teachers, and All Christian Workers, by R. A. Torrey (1897)
Methods of Bible Study, by R. A. Torrey (1897)
Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia. (for reference only)  Louisville, KY: Guide Printing and Publishing Co.,  1896.Ashley S. Johnson (1857-1925


Christian software
And do get Scripture ticker, this is a great free program with the Bible in  three translations separately.. KJV, NIV, RSV and I have it on my computer  too. ScriptureTicker  The ScriptureTicker is a unique Windows application that can display verses or prayers on your Windows Desktop. ScriptureTicker operates only on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, and Windows 2000 systems. ScriptureTicker also extensively uses Microsoft Internet Explorer's browser control, so you MUST have Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater installed on your  Microsoft Windows system.
**NOTE: The ScriptureTicker does not provide a default translation of the Bible, so one or more of the available Online Bibles must be downloaded and installed.  NIV Bible1.3 MBThe New International Version of the Bible.
KJV Bible1.3 MBThe King James Version of the Bible.
RSV Bible1.3 MBThe Revised Standard Version of the Bible.
Do also get the "Bible Verse" which is s a freeware program that decorates your desktop wallpaper with verses  from the Bible.   Current version  contains more than 400 Bible verses. OBTAIN FROM  OR

DOWNLOAD also the FREE BIBLE PLUS, Totally FREE KJV Bible Plus Study Tool
Usama's KJV Bible was designed to make it easy and simple to have an electronic version of the Bible on your Computer. This program was designed to be simple to use yet very powerful whil attempting to maintin a small size compared to the other Bible programs out there. This program's ease of use makes it an excellent program to have.   To download the program Simply Click here

More links, Internet Sites
3 free CHRISTIAN books on Marriage
Free Book on how to study the Bible..
    or  Download in full 

 Get Free Christian Books at

Bible helps, References
The New Topical Text Book: A Scripture Text Book for the Use of Ministers,  Teachers, and All Christian Workers, by R. A. Torrey (1897)
Methods of Bible Study, by R. A. Torrey (1897)
Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia. (for reference only)  Louisville, KY: Guide Printing and Publishing Co.,  1896.Ashley S. Johnson (1857-1925

A Community-Indexed Photo Archive  The photo archive at has more than 15,000 free photos and images consisting of over 1Gb of data

Christian Sites Directory

Links to other FREE Christian music  MP3



Listen to other Christian music as well

Music Software and MIDI File Directories

Even More goodies, sites
  - Bible Gateway includes NIV, NAS, KJV, RSV plus search capability.
  - Bible Study Tools. Multiple translations. Search capable. Commentaries.




Looking for a special picture on the internet net..  try one of these

Need Great space Pictures? see:
NASA Image Exchange
JSC Imagery Services - Digital Image Collection
Shuttle Photo and Video Archive
Earth From Space - Aerial Views of the Home Planet
GReat Images in NASA

Great Alberta Photos

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Hymnal - Hymns with Lyrics and Music Online Music    
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Bible Gateway   
 Easton's Bible Dictionary Electronic

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