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 I do prefer to watch my selected clean movies over watching TV with it's commercials, and fortunately in Canada it is still legal to download all movies off the net , using a program like  ABC Bittorrent, but still the good clean movies they  are not always easy to find.
( Good Children movies still are not  too often available), and there you can download well as the majority of the popular past TV shows, if there are any good ones?
It will take me on the average at least  about 24 hours or more to download a movie, (and  you can load about 5 movies simultaneously on an older computer with Windows ME and about 8 movies on a new one with Windows XP and still gnerally work on your computer..)  and I do likely next erase half of them next cause I immediately do not like their content.
and on the same net sites there you often can download free Christian music here according to your taste as well.  and they take longer to download as they are not so popluar
Some popular interent torrents sources for Movies, Music are
I also seem to like Asian Movies the most it seems cause they seem to have good moral themes, at least half of them, especially the cop and school movies from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and as long as they also do have the English subtitles.. sub or srt format generally.
Most interent movies come in the standard AVI or MPG format.. a few movies such as those in Bin format have to be converted before they can be seen using vcdgear, download at
My favorite program to watch the downlaoded movies on my computer are BSPlayerpro which allows me to make any desired sub title timimng adjustment as well.  Obtain at  "BSplayer is a Windows player that plays back all kinds of media files ( avi/mpg/asf/wmv/wav/mp3/OGM...)  and specializes in video and Divx playback. It provides extensive support for subtitles, a resizable movie window, resolution changing, desktop mode playback, frame capture and more. In addition, it offers Pan-scan and custom pan-scan options, bookmarks, adjustable playback rate, Drag & drop support and many other features. The interface is skinnable and comes with several different design to choose from. BSPlayer can be associated with all (or selected) files types that are supported. "
Many missing Movie subs also can be found at or elsewhere on the net.
and yes you can watch some christian movies directly of the net using the free software program  which also plays MP3 music and AVI movies too.
 Free, Great Tips on Fixing , repairing bad Movies -  AVI and MPG
1a: How to fix AVI files get the Commercial program "Video Fixer v3.23", it works great and quick too
2a: How to fix MPG files with a Non Commercial program 
Do use the freeware software VCDgear VCDGear is a tool written to effortlessly extract MPEG streams from CD images, convert VideoCD files to MPEG, correct MPEG errors, create (Super)VideoCDs and more!

Some of the features you will find in VCDGear are :
- MPEG stream extractions from popular CD images
- On the fly MPEG correction to fix certain types of MPEG errors
- Super VideoCD and VideoCD image creation
- Sample generation - Multilanguage support
- Graphical interface and command-line versions available  - Cross platform
- Anyone requiring the need to transport their video materials will find VCDGear as a useful tool to assist them in getting the video to play on their computer or VideoCD player.

2 b: see this great site too for great media software  - just a sample..
- DivX AntiFreeze: Sometimes video clips contain invalid frames that cause Media Player to freeze the image. DivX AntiFreeze avoids such freezings.
DivX Repair: using DivX Repair, you can repair corrupt DivX and AVI files and eliminate freezes.
AVIFixed: can fix play time errors and help you to be able to watch partially downloaded DivX (AVI) movies.
AVI Preview: is a program capable of playing partially downloaded AVI movies.
3 Is it possible to fix errors in VCD movie? Which program to use?


You need TMPGEnc. just search for it on the net..

Step 1. Load the VCD into your CD-R or DVD-ROM drive.

Step 2. Open TMPGEnc and go to File>MPEG Tools

Step 3. Click the tab that say's De-Multiplex.

Step 4. Click Browse and open up your .dat file or .mpg file. (If it is a VCD, make sure the tab in the explorer window is set to 'All Files.')

Step 5. You should now have a window, double click on the one that says video_stream. Doing this will extract the video into a seperate file that you will join together later. After finding a place to save the video file to, click ok and it will extract. It takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes, depending on your PC and the length of the video.

Step 6. Do the same thing for audio_stream.

Step 7. Now click on the tab that says simple multiplex. Now click browse and find the files that you just extracted. If they have the same file name, the audio will load by itself. If not, then you have to add the audio manually. The choose a place to save it, in the output box. Now click run. This should take 6-10 minutes, depending on your PC and the length of the video.

All done. Now all you have to do is burn the video again with Nero.
Good luck..