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Free speech
Regularly I too do  come across interesting News events in Canada where I do try to use MY FREE SPEECH TO MAKE MY OPINIONS KNOWN TO CANADA'S PREMIERS, MINISTERS. ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS
and for example the News media reported that -
"Klein pledged $500 million boost for Alberta health, education  EDMONTON (CP) - Alberta Premier Ralph Klein's promise to pump $500 million into health care and education Wednesday sounded like the launch of an election campaign to members of the opposition... "
or a partial reply to my many  letters and question to him...  "I really just got one question that has raised this whole issue why Ralph Klein has never acknowledged my letters as to why he allows the social welfare, ordinary persons to be abused in Alberta? His sins now even when I lived in Alberta and lived elsewhere are mainly that still too.. " and what about the poor and needy persons, the social welfare recipient, what more do they get?
and I do still oppose rightfully the MS readathon practice of making young children to read books on witches in the Calgary Cedarbrae school as well as I told them. Do  let them be encouraged to read the Bible instead now too.
and what about the bad pastors, cops. judges, lawyers, accountants, doctors, that I had experienced in Alberta   and the masturbation self regulation of them too? and still much better consumer protection?

Students booted off flight  CanWest News Service   February 6, 2004  CALGARY -- Twenty University of Calgary business students heading to a Halifax conference were kicked off a WestJet flight for being drunk and unruly in an Animal House-like display on Wednesday night.

At the tax payer's expenses too having at lunch at least 3 Martinis or Manhattans are some of the more favorites alcoholic beverages amongst politicans like the Premiers, Mayors,  according to a waiter at one of Canada's prominent Hotelsand who had served many of them at lunch time. He also has e told me that  many premiers and politicians,  mayors too who thus  were often drunk at mid day. 

B.C. quietly forgave debts to fish farms: report   "VANCOUVER (CBC) - CBC News has learned that the government of Premier Gordon Campbell made under-the-table payments to B.C.'s salmon farmers.  Environmentalists say the payments were illegal and are demanding an inquiry by the province's auditor general.  The government admits the payments were made, In total, the penalties forgiven totalled $812,000. On top of that rents were reduced at a cost of $1.5 million.  At the time the minister responsible was Stan Hagen, whose largest campaign contributor was a salmon farming company. " Some People are being too easily forgiven in BC even by  Stan Hagen,  fish farmers? whose next? drunk drivers, drug pushers.. prostitutes.. pornographers.. tax evaders, bad judges and bad lawyers, politicians?

Lawyers to turn away refugees on legal aid  Adrienne Tanner The Province   February 6, 2004  Vancouver lawyers voted this week to boycott refugee cases from legal aid, which will no longer pay for clients to be represented..."
They  have proved my point even in BC, and in other provinces.. the Poor people are made first wrongfully to pay for the sins of the civil and public  servants, politicians  abuse of the tax payer's money, and the citizens tax evasions..
On top of that many provinces wrongfully do not even provide legal aid if you want to defend yourself in a divorce court case.
"More than 30,600 Canadian residents were refused entry into the U.S. last year due to tough new anti-terrorism rules, officials say. Some 10,000 others were arrested trying to sneak across the border illegally, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported in statistics for 2003 released this week.  The agency said more than 56,000 others from Canada withdrew applications to enter the U.S. after learning of tighter guidelines. "Security has been stepped up," agency spokesman Danielle Sheahan said. "When people break the law, they will be apprehended."  Sheahan said travellers can be refused entry for a vbariety of reasons ranging from criminality, immigration violations or national security. "It can be anything from overstaying to fraudulent documents," she said. "There are a number of reasons."  "
I remember when John Manley distorted the truth and said there would be no impact on Canadians.. For the record it has been over two years since I had first said in wring the US borders will be tightened more to Canada..
"RCMP to face scrutiny at Arar probe  Feb. 6, 2004.  OTTAWA—Justice Dennis O'Connor has been given a clear mandate to design a new independent watchdog agency for RCMP spying activities as part of his inquiry into the Maher Arar affair. And he has been given broad powers to investigate the actions of Canadian officials."
What about firstly a watchdog for how poorly the RCMP, their supervisor, their solicitor generals too in regard now to how the RCMP does their job in general, and their abuse of the tax apyer's money now too? and the other items are also much needed and a great start.. not the end..
WHAT BUGS ME THE MOST ABOUT THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO IS THEIR HYPOCRISY. Now two ex Conservative premiers of Ontario openly stated that they believed in family values.. and both of them have had sex relationships outside of their original marriage? What hypocrites, they say one thing and do the other? They will tell you Ontario is a family oriented province.. what they mean is that Ontario lawyers will help your spouse to divorce you more easily too? Don't tell me the now ex premier of Ontario too will try to send the cops to my home again cause I have used my free speech to put in writing how I rightfully do feel about it all? What Ernie Eves still thinks that he is the only one that can use in Canada his free speech too?  Now also the immoral, perverted Ontario Law society off London Ontario have told me in writing that Ontario Lawyers are allowed to lie to the Queen's Courts in defense of their clients and it is up to the judge to spot and deal with the lie only? Seems all the past and present premiers of Ontario do go along with this too wrongfully cause they all do readily lie too?

"Star witness drops bomb on Martha's credibility It was a bad day for Martha Stewart in court Wednesday, as a key prosecution witness testified the style expert dumped shares in a biotech company because of an insider tip -- a direct contradiction of the story Stewart's been telling for months. More..." What about lying politicans who do not keep their promises?

"U.S. paper can be sued from Canada, Ontario judge says: Internet link A former UN official who lost a posting in Kenya after a series of damning articles appeared in the Washington Post may sue the newspaper for $10-million in Canada, where he believes his reputation has been damaged, an Ontario court judge has ruled. "

Now we just set the standard also by we Canadians will next be judged.. for we have more to lose, we do too often bash the Americans more in Canada and there are more of them and much richer now too.

"Conservative caucus bars MP for gay remarks  An MP who was suspended from the former Canadian Alliance caucus late last year for saying homosexuality should be outlawed won't be allowed to join the new Conservative Party caucus. "

Now by doing the Conservative party has really made itself irrelevant in comparison to the Liberals.. the influential evangelicals will not support the Conservative party.

 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. (Revelation  3:16 KJV)

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