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Prayer Secret #1
Your Relationship with God

this, in my opinion, is the #1 secret for being able to get more of your prayers answered by God the Father. This particular secret is the first step you will need to make before you can really expect to have any major success in your prayer life with God the Father.

Here is the Scripture verse that perfectly lays out this #1 principle.

"IF YOU ABIDE IN ME, AND MY WORDS ABIDE IN YOU, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples." (John 15:7)

Look very, very carefully at this verse to see what Jesus is trying to tell you. He is giving you two powerful pieces of revelation in which to grasp if you want to be able to get God the Father to answer more of your specific prayers. Here are the two main points.

1. Establish a Personal Relationship with God

The first part of the first sentence - "If you abide in Me" - is telling you that the very first thing that God is wanting from you in order to be able to properly approach Him for prayer is for you to establish a very strong personal relationship with Him!

Jesus is using the word "abide."The word abide means to "continue in a state or place, to endure." What Jesus wants from us is that we are willing to abide in Him, that we are willing to live in Him. Being willing to abide in Jesus means that we have established a good, personal, in-depth, intimate love relationship with Him.

The #1 reason God created the human race was for intimate fellowship. God has this incredible love for us humans, and He wants more than anything else that we approach Him and enter into this one on one personal relationship with Him.

If you really stop and think about this - what is the greatest joy that a person can have on this earth? What is the one thing that most humans long for? What is the one thing that makes you cry when you see this at the movie theatres?

It is the longing for a personal love relationship with a person of the opposite sex - the longing for a true soul mate. Why? Because that one person, more than any other person, is the one who can really get to know you. It is the one person who can become your best friend. It is the one person who you can tell anything and everything to.

It is the most unique of all human relationships. Some of you have found this true love and others of you have not. The ones who have found this one true love in their lives know exactly what I am talking about. Those of you who have not found this one true love know the longing you have to find this one special person.

This same longing that we have to meet this one true soul mate is the same longing that God has for all us. Except with God, this longing for us is much more intense. The fact that He would send His one and only Son down to our earth to physically die on a cross for us in order to bring us back to Himself shows more than anything else how much He really does love all of us.

The best analogy that I can give you on this is the "best friend analogy." God wants to become your best friend - over your soul mate and over any other best friends you may have. He wants to be #1 in your life and He will not settle for anything less. The Bible says that God the Father is a "jealous God - a consuming fire."

Some Christians believe that if they go to church once a week, sing a few songs in church and pay their tithe, that they are "in relationship" with God. God wants more than this. He wants you 7 days of the week - not just one time a week in your church.

He wants to be able to freely communicate with you 24/7. He wants you to talk with Him just like you would talk to your best friend. He wants dynamic, free flowing conversation with you on anything you want to personally discuss with Him, no matter how small or trivial it may seem to you. And He wants you to be open to listening to anything that He may have to say to you.

What happens to some Christians is that they have not established this kind of personal relationship with God, and then when a crisis or emergency presents itself, it is already too late to try to get God to answer their prayer.

Notice that Jesus starts the first sentence out with the word "IF." IF you have established a personal relationship with God, THEN you can approach Him with your prayer requests and THEN He will answer them.

Too many Christians attempt to use God. The only time they ever approach God is when they need something. God thus has no natural desire to answer any prayer request they may have because they have never established any type of true personal relationship with Him.

One of the things that I feel like the Holy Spirit has conveyed to me is that if you really want to be able to get God to answer more of your prayers, you have to create a desire in Him to want to answer more of your prayers. And the #1 way that you create a desire in God for Him to want to answer more of your prayer requests is to establish a good, personal, one on one love relationship with Him.

The Parent-Child Analogy

The analogy the Holy Spirit gave me to understand all of this was the "Parent-Child Analogy." Imagine you have two small children. The one boy really loves you. He has established a true loving personal relationship with you. He wants to hang out with you.

He comes home and tells you everything that happened to him today. He tells you all the little things that may have gone right or wrong during the day. He values your opinion.

When he gets older and more mature, all of sudden he wants to hear about your problems. He wants to know more about you, your past, why you do what you do and why you think the way that you do. This child is truly abiding in you, truly living in you.

You feel like you and him are "one in spirit." As a result of this close personal relationship, you can read each other minds and thoughts. As you grow older, your personal relationship deepens and keeps getting better and better.

Then you have the other child. He could care less about you and your personality. The only time he will ever approach you is when he needs something. He will even go as far as to act like he cares about you, but once he gets what he wants from you, he is back to ignoring you until the next time he needs something from you.

As he grows older, you grow farther and farther apart. When he is finally able to leave home on his own, you never hear from him unless he once again needs something from you. He hardly ever calls or comes over.

Now if you are the loving father over these two children, which of the two will you have a strong natural desire to help out when they may need your help on something? You will have no natural desire to help the one who has been using you over all of those years.

However, with the child who has established a true loving personal relationship with you, you will bend over backwards to give that child anything and everything that he may need. Why? Because he loves you for you! He doesn't love you for what you can do for him. He loves you for the person that you are and for the friend that you have become for him over all those years.

In fact, your love for this loving son will be so great, that a lot of times you will give him what he will need before he will even ask you for it. Why? Because you are so in tune with him, you will know what he will need sometimes before he will even know what he will need. Then you will want to give it to him before he will even ask you for it because your love for him is so great. You have a very strong, natural desire to want to make him happy - all because of the good personal relationship that he has established with you over all those years.

It is the exact same way with God the Father! Establish a true, loving personal relationship with God and see if your whole life doesn't do a complete 180! Nothing will move God the Father to want to work on your behalf as establishing this kind of loving personal relationship with Him will!

However, one word of caution. God cannot be tricked or duped. You cannot approach God trying to enter this kind of personal relationship in order to get Him to give you all of your wants and desires. Your motives must be pure!

You enter into a personal relationship with God because you want to get to know Him personally! You don't enter into this kind of a relationship to see how much He can give you. You have to want God for who He is - not for what He can do for you. The Bible tells us to seek the face of God - not His hand.

For those of you who have truly established this kind of personal relationship with God, I'm sure that you can testify that this is truly the greatest experience that anyone of us can have this side of heaven - that this one and only true God in the entire universe can actually make direct contact with you, communicate and talk directly with you, and establish a real intimate personal relationship with you.

For those of you who have not really established this kind of personal relationship with God, the one thing that I can personally tell you is that there is nothing to be afraid of. God will handle and relate to you on the level that you are currently operating at with Him. This kind of personal relationship with God is not built overnight, but over time.

God can satisfy and meet the deeper longings of your soul and spirit that no human can reach! He can truly love you deeper and better than any human can. You can totally trust Him because He is perfect in all of His ways. He will not hurt you or harm you in any way. God has no dark side to Him, so He is completely trustworthy. He is totally incapable of hurting you in any way.

Some Christians are afraid to go deeper with God in this kind of a personal relationship because they have been terribly hurt in other love relationships - whether it be with parents, friends or lovers. All humans are imperfect, and they are thus not capable of giving you any kind of perfect love. Since God is completely perfect, He is the only One that can give you the perfect true love that you are seeking after.

2. The Bible

Now we come to the second secret that is in the above verse. Note the second part of the first sentence says, "My words abide in you." I believe Jesus is telling us two things in that sentence.

His "Words" are literally meaning His Words. If you have established a true, personal, loving relationship with God, He will talk to you just like you will talk to Him. And if He is talking to you, then His words will be abiding in you! This thus will be as a direct result of free flowing dialogue that you have with God as a result of having had established a close personal relationship with Him.

The other meaning to the word "Words" I feel He is referring to is Scripture - the Bible. If you really want to enter into a close personal relationship with God, then you have to be willing to spend some type of regular quality time studying the Bible. The Bible is the only true source that we have down on this earth where we can really learn all about God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

When you enter into a true personal love relationship with someone, the first natural desire you will have is to want to get to know everything about that person. You will want to know about all of their likes and dislikes, where they have come from and what they have been through. And the only way that you can find all of that out is by asking a lot of questions. With God, the #1 way that you will learn about Him is to read the Bible, because the Bible will tell you everything that you will need to know about Him, His Son Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.

You have to seek out knowledge about God - and the Bible is the #1 main source that we have on this earth that can teach us about God and all of His ways.

Bottom Line

To summarize the revelation in the above Scripture verse in one bottom line statement:

God is looking to establish a one on one, personal love relationship with each one of us. This is done in two ways:

  1. By establishing a direct, free flowing and spontaneous best friend relationship with God where you commune with Him on a regular and frequent basis in the exact same way that you would with a best friend.
  2. And by seeking after God by trying to get to know all you can about Him by studying and meditating on what is written in the Holy Bible.

I guarantee you that if you are willing to enter into both of these realms with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, your life will never be the same again. This close, intimate personal relationship that you can enter into with God will be the door opener that will change the course of your entire life. The journey is there for who all willing to accept and step into it!

Prayer Secret #2
The Will of God

Prayer Secret #1 - establishing an intimate personal relationship with God the Father gets you into the door with Him. It gets you to the point where God will now listen and consider each of your prayer requests.

Prayer Secret #2 is the next step when approaching God with a specific prayer request. This one seems to be so easy to grasp, but many Christians violate this basic common sense principle. Prayer Secret #2 is making sure that your prayer request lines up with the will of God for your life.

I have a pet saying when it comes to this principle. The saying is "Father always knows best." God always knows what is best for you. You do not! Godís knowledge and wisdom is perfect. Yours is not! God knows what your future holds. You do not! Too many Christians are constantly asking God for things that He does not really want them to have. Here is the main Scripture verse where this principle is clearly stated.

"Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything ACCORDING TO HIS WILL, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him." (1 John 5:14)

Interpretation - God hears your prayer only if the prayer request is according and in His will for you and your life. If it is not, then the above verse implies that He will not hear your prayer, and thus will not grant the prayer request.

This is where each Christian has to get a grip on any specific prayer requests that they are presenting to God. If God comes back to you letting you know that what you are asking for is not in His will for you, then you have to let it go, trust God that He knows best and move on.

When you approach God with a specific prayer request, I feel like this is very serious business. You are asking God to bring something to you that normally would not be coming your way. You are asking God to supernaturally bring or allow this request to come to you through Him.

So the first thing that you have to do before approaching God on your specific prayer request is to make sure that your request is in His will for you and your life. There are several ways you can do this.

1. Analyze Your Prayer Request

Sometimes it is quite obvious that the request is needed and in His will for you. You donít even need to pray about whether or not it is in His will for you. The answer is already obvious and you can go ahead and shoot your prayer through.

An example would be is that maybe you just lost your job. You now have to go to God and ask Him to lead you to the next job. You already know this request is in His will for you because you need a job to survive and put food on the table. This is quite obvious, and you can now go ahead and start pressing in and praying to God that He lead you as to where He will want you to go next.

Sometimes the request is not so obvious as to whether or not it is God's will for you. Maybe you are dating someone and you would really like to marry that person. However, God has not voiced His opinion on the issue yet. The way to properly handle this is to go to God and ask His perfect will on the situation - whether or not you should marry that person. If you really love this person and really want to marry him or her, the best way to word your prayer is to tell God you would really like to marry this person - but only if it be in His perfect will for you to do so.

This way you are on safe ground with God in the way that you have worded the request. You have voiced your opinion on the matter - but you have also let Him know that He knows better than you do, and that you will not marry this person unless it is in His perfect will for you to do so.

2. The Holy Spirit

The other way to approach this is to simply ask the Holy Spirit if you should approach God with the request. I believe that the Holy Spirit knows most of the time whether or not God will answer your specific prayer request. You can save yourself a lot of travailing and praying by getting the Holy Spiritís answer before you waste your time and Godís time by praying on a certain issue.

For those of you who have established a good inner connection with the Holy Spirit, the above is rather easy to do. You simply tap into Him, ask His opinion and most of the time youíll pick it up with an "inner knowing" from Him as to whether or not you should proceed any further in approaching God with the request. For those of you who have not yet established this kind of inner connection with the Holy Spirit, you can still go ahead and ask Him, and He will somehow get through to you as to whether or not you should pray on the issue or not.

Here are 3 short, but powerful stories that really illustrate the importance of making sure that all of your prayer requests always line up with the will of God for your life.

Three Stories

1. STORY #1 - About 10 years ago, a friend of mine told me this story and I will never forget it. One of her girlfriends had been dating a guy for about two years. Everything was going great. She got to the point that she was now wanting to marry the guy. She went before God and started praying and asking God if she should marry him. God came back with a one-line answer and the answer was "He is sufficient for now."

This obviously was not good enough for her. She kept pressing God for an answer as to whether or not she should marry this man. God came back with no answers every time she asked.

After about 6 months of asking God for His opinion and not getting any kind of answer, she decided to make her own decision and marry the guy without waiting for Godís confirmation or approval.

Six months into the marriage relationship, this guyís dark side all of a sudden started to emerge. He started to physically abuse her. The beatings got so bad that she had no other alternative but to divorce the guy for fear he was going to end up killing her.

I have found from personal experience that whenever God is silent on a specific prayer request, that means to hold your position and do nothing until you receive a further word from Him as to whether or not you should move in the direction that you are looking to move into.

2. STORY #2 - Here is another perfect example on this. Another one of my friends was dating a guy for about 1 year. She too started asking God if she should marry him. She got no answer for at least 3 months. Again, she got impatient waiting for God to answer her. She went ahead and married the guy without any leading from the Holy Spirit to do so and no confirming activity from God that she should marry the guy.

One year into the marriage, she found out that her husband had been having an affair behind her back with one of his secretaries during the entire year that they had been married! They were divorced shortly thereafter.

Do you see what happens when you go against Godís will on a specific request? Total death will result. In this case, both girls saw their marriages end up in divorce because they were not patient enough to wait for Godís answer on their prayer requests! They were both praying for marriages that obviously were not in the will of God for their lives. Thatís why I say God always knows best.

God knew the one guy had a dark side that would emerge once he married the girl. He knew the other guy would not stay faithful once he got married to the second girl. Neither girl could have known that those things were going to occur. But God does know all these things and what our futures will hold for us, and that is why your prayer requests have always got to be within His will for your life or the consequences could be disastrous like they were in these two stories!

3. STORY #3 - The third story is my own personal story. About 15 years ago, I was dating a girl for about one year when she got diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told her she had a 50/50 chance of making it. She immediately started chemo and the rest of the appropriate cancer treatments. I took her to see Joyce Meyer for a healing, along with some of the other ministers in our area who were supposed to have the gift of healing operating through their ministries.

None of the ministers brought healing to my girlfriend. I then started to try and pray myself to see if I could get God to heal her. I will never forget what happened when I did. As I approached God the Father with the request, I felt the Holy Spirit put up a shield between me and God the Father. I initially ignored the shields and continued to try and pray through to God for this request.

As I started praying the appropriate words, I saw my words travel about two feet in front of my mouth and then drop straight to the ground. I could tell my words were not "hitting" God. I then felt the Holy Spirit start to literally pull back on my words as I was trying to release them to God. There was no anointing on my words. I had no wind at my back from the Holy Spirit to be approaching God with this request. I was really straining in trying to get my words to reach God the Father.

After about the 5th or 6th time when trying to pray to God about this and picking up the above resistance from the Holy Spirit each time I tried to pray, I immediately stopped and asked God if I should even bother to continue to pray on this issue due to the resistance I seemed to be picking up from the Holy Spirit.

I then received an immediate answer. I was given a strong knowing that God did not want to heal her and that it was His will that she be brought home to Him - and if I continued to try and pray for this healing against His will, that I would just be expending useless energy. He made it loud and clear that His mind was already made up on the issue and that I was to let it go.

He then conveyed to me as to why He was not going to considering healing her. Long story short, my girlfriend was 40 years old when she came down with the cancer. 8 years prior to this, she got diagnosed with the beginning stages of emphysema. The doctors told her that if she did not quit smoking, that she would end up in a wheelchair and on an oxygen tent on a permanent basis.

For whatever reason, she would not quit smoking and she continued to smoke for another 8 years. The emphysema was starting to break into the next level and she still would not quit. She then broke out with the cancer. God made it very clear to me that He gave her 8 years to clean up her act, to heed the warnings from the doctors and to quit smoking.

Our bodies are a gift from God and He expects us to do the best we can with them - especially in the area of taking proper care of them. When she refused to take proper care of her body by giving up smoking, God decided He was not going to heal her and that she would have to brought home much earlier than He would have really liked.

I believe to this day that had my girlfriend quit smoking 8 years before coming down with this cancer, that there would have been a very good chance that God would of healed her of the cancer when she was stricken with it. But because she did not have proper regard for her body, God had no natural desire to heal her when this emergency presented itself. And God gave her plenty of time to get her act together before the cancer hit - 8 years!

I did not tell my girlfriend what I felt God had conveyed to me. I did not want to cause her to lose hope in the event I had not properly heard from God on this issue. She tried several other healing ministries, along with continuing all of the cancer treatments, but nothing worked. She died one year later after getting diagnosed with the cancer.


1.  As you can see from the above three stories, you can save yourself a lot of blood, sweat and tears when praying to God if you can pick it up ahead of time whether or not your specific prayer requests should be brought before God the Father for His consideration. Thatís the beauty of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. One of His jobs is to help us in our prayer life with God the Father.

The Holy Spirit knows most of the time whether or not God will answer your specific prayer request. By tapping into and connecting up with Him on a specific prayer request, youíll go a long way in being able to decide when to approach God in prayer and when not to.

For those of you who have not got this far in your relationship with the Holy Spirit in order to be able to pick Him up and read His movements, you can still approach both Him and God the Father before you attempt to pray and just simply ask God if it is His will that a specific prayer request be put before Him.

I have found that God will always come through loud and clear on this issue. Remember, God wants more than anything to establish a loving personal relationship with you - and in that relationship is the benefit of being able to approach Him with your specific prayer requests.

2.  God really wants to show your how to play the prayer game. It is prayer that will pull down miracles from God. You just have to learn what the ground rules are and how to play the game with Him. The Bible lays down all the ground rules that you will need to know in order to become a very effective prayer warrior.

For whatever reason, God has this thing set up in that He will not move a lot of times on a situation unless we go into serious prayer with Him. The art of prayer is a powerful tool in the hands of a Spirit-filled believer. God can be moved to answer prayer no matter how dire the circumstances. You just need the knowledge on how to properly approach Him in order to get Him to move on a certain situation.

I think you will find the remaining prayer secrets very interesting, as they will give you several different options in which to approach God with your prayer requests. I believe knowledge is power. With knowledge comes the ability to know how to properly play the game.

I will leave you with one last thought. One of the benefits of having established a true personal love relationship with God the Father is the ability to be able to approach Him with your specific prayer requests. Think of the consequences and the possibilities of this privilege that we now have with God the Father.

God has full power to do or to accomplish whatever He should so desire. The Bible says that "With God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE."

God loves to answer prayers. Prayers to God can save lives, change circumstances and prevent catastrophes. The Bible says that God is looking to "show Himself strong" on behalf of those who have established a true loving, personal relationship with Him. However, many Christians have not really grasped the power and potential that they have if they would simply learn how to properly pray to God to get Him to move on certain situations.

Many people are so wrapped up in themselves and their own lives, that they fail to see how their prayers to God can help someone else out who may be in a dire situation. One of the prayer secrets I will be discussing shortly is the power of intercession - the ability to stand in the gap for someone else, approach God as his advocate and pray to God to help them out of a dire situation.

Many people donít really know how to properly approach and pray to God the Father. As a result, people are either dying early before their time is really up or they are forced to live under tragic circumstances due to no fault of their own. Accidents happen. Bad things can happen. But prayers to God the Father can either prevent the bad things from happening before they happen or change the situation for the better once the bad thing has happened.

Remember, our God is in the life saving business! Our God is a God of miracles. He is just looking for true prayer warriors to pull down these miracles that He is only too anxious to release!

Think of the possibilities that we all have with this privilege that we have from God - to be able to boldly approach His throne for prayer anytime, anywhere and for any situation - to be able to save the day for someone else who may be at deathís door!

This is the call of the Eagle. A true Eagle of God is a "master prayer." He has learned the fine art of being able to properly and effectively pray to God in order to literally move mountains when needed. Nothing is impossible for a true Eagle of God because he knows nothing is impossible with the God he serves.

Mark my words! God will be raising up an army of Eagles in the coming years that will fly with the power and anointing of God such as the world has never seen before or will ever see again. The Bible says in the latter days just before Jesus comes back, that an army will raised up. The verse is Joel 2:2. It reads:

"A day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, like the morning clouds spread over the mountains. A people come, great and strong, the like of whom has never been; nor will there be any such after them, even for many successive generations."

The rest of the verses then go into how powerful this army will be and the exploits they will do under Godís anointing and power.

For more information on all of this - see my article titled "Prophecy from Jesus to Mary Baxter on Joel's Army to Come" under the "Prophecies" section. A woman by the name of Mary Baxter received a direct Word from Jesus about this army and who He will be calling to be a part of it.

This was a very powerful Word given to this woman and I believe that this army will be coming out of this generation!

Prayer Secret #3
God Will Hear the
Prayers of the Righteous

Prayer secret #1 - establishing a good personal relationship with the Lord will get you into the door with God so that He will now be willing to hear your prayers. Prayer secret #2 - making sure that your prayers line up with His will for your life will dramatically increase the chances of God actually answering any of your prayers.

This will now lead us into prayer secret #3. Before I start to go into some of the more heavier aspects of actually moving into prayer with the Lord - there is one more secret that I must first list out in order to help increase your chances of getting God to answer a lot more of your prayers. If you are not aware of this particular secret and are not abiding by it - there is a very good chance that God is not even going to listen to what you have to say, much less even consider answering any of your specific prayers.

The verses I will list in this article are all very straight forward and need no fancy interpretation. They mean exactly what they are saying.

These particular verses are telling us that God will not be hearing the prayers of someone who is not keeping His commandments - of someone who is not living a righteous life in His eyes. Granted, we have all been made righteous before the eyes of God the Father as a result of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for all of our sins. The righteousness of Jesus has now been imputed to us.

However, this does not give us the license and the right to start sinning again. Though we have all been made righteous before the eyes of God as a result of what Jesus did for us on the cross - we still have to make every effort to try and live a good and righteous life and stay out of any unacceptable sins in the eyes of God the Father. This secret right here is a major reason why many Christians are not having much success in their prayer room with God the Father.

As you will see in the verses I will list in this article, the Bible is telling all of us loud and clear that our slates have got to be fairly clean before God is going to work with us in His prayer room. However - please note this does not mean you have to be totally perfect. We all have our rough edges, our character flaws and faults, and our little vices that we have a hard time in getting any victory over.

I believe there is a certain amount of slack with the Lord for some of our imperfections, frailties and weaknesses. None of us will ever become the fourth person of the Holy Trinity. That is why Jesus had to come and die for all of us - due to the sin nature that we were all born with that constantly keeps getting us into trouble.

Per the article I did titled "Sanctification," God the Father wants to start the process of sanctifying us in this life us once we become saved and born again. But this sanctification process is a progressive and constantly ongoing process that will go on for rest of our lives. As a result, we always have to continue to keep working with the Lord on allowing Him to mold, shape and transform us into a better and more holy people.

As you continue to grow in this sanctification process where God the Father is slowly forming and molding you into the express image of His Son Jesus Christ - you will find two main things that will start to occur. First - you will start to see the boundary lines that God will set up for you. These boundary lines are lines being drawn in the sand by the Lord of where you can go in this life and where you cannot go - what you can do and what you cannot do.

God will make it very clear to you through the conviction of the Holy Spirit as to how far you can go with Him on certain issues. And this is where you really have to stay on top of your game with the Lord if you want to keep everything running and flowing smoothly if you are walking in God's perfect will and plan for your life.

These next set of verses are telling us the following:

One of the verses I will list below is very extreme and intense. This verse says that your sins and your iniquities will literally separate you from God - and that He will hide His face from you and that He will not even hear your prayers and petitions.

Though Jesus has died for all of our sins - we can't use this as an excuse to go back into areas that we know God does not want us treading into. Perfect examples of some areas where Christians can really get themselves into major trouble with the Lord are adultery, using drugs, abusing alcohol, verbally and/or physically abusing their children or their spouses, holding any major unforgiveness towards others and stealing or scamming from others.

The Lord will let you know loud and clear how far you can push some things with Him. And once you cross that line in complete and total disobedience - then you have just taken yourself right out of His prayer arena and have dramatically reduced any chances of getting any of your prayer needs met or answered.

So before you really decide to get serious with the Lord in your prayer closet, make sure that you do not have any blocks or hindrances in your walk with Him that would keep Him from wanting to work with you. If you don't, and you have certain sins or transgressions that have not been properly dealt with, then you will be wasting both His time and your time by even continuing to pray in the first place.

If you really want to get serious with the Lord in your prayer life, study these next set of verses very carefully, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you if you have any personal areas that have to be dealt with so that you do not have anything that would be prevent God the Father from wanting to work with you.

If you do have any blocks, hindrances, sins, transgressions or iniquities operating in your life that are unacceptable in the eyes of God - and then you do get these sins and transgressions dealt with and removed with the help of the Holy Spirit - then you will have just opened up a major door to the throne room of God Almighty Himself - and He will now be willing to listen and to hear any specific requests or petitions that you may have. Many Christians have made major advances and breakthroughs in their prayer life with God the Father once they were taught this basic 101 principle.

I'll go ahead and list each of the verses under the appropriate captions below so that you can see exactly what God the Father is trying to tell you with the way that He has worded some of these particular verses.

1. God Will Hear the Prayers of the Righteous

These first four verses are major. The first verse I will list is only one sentence long - but it perfectly drives home the point on this topic. It simply says that God the Father will "hear the prayers of the righteous" - but that He is "far from the wicked."

The second verse then really confirms the wording of the first verse when it says that the "eyes of the Lord are on the righteous" and that "His ears are open to their prayers." It then once more ends stating that the "face of the Lord is against those who do evil."

The third verse specifically says that God the Father will answer our prayers "because" we are willing to keep his commandments. In other words, God will answer your prayers if you are keeping His commandments. This verse also makes the statement that we have to do what is "pleasing in the sight of the Lord." If you are doing anything that is not pleasing to Him - then again, it could prevent you from getting more of your prayers answered by Him.

If you look at the flip side of this revelation - this flip side is telling you that God will not be hearing or answering any of your prayers if you are not keeping His commandments or if you are out doing wicked things or living any kind of a wicked life.

Here are four major, powerful foundational verses that you will need to grab onto if you want to have any kind of major success in your prayer room with God the Father.

  1. "The Lord is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayer of the righteous." (Proverbs 15:29)
  2. "Let him turn away from evil and do good; let him seek peace and pursue it. For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their prayers; but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil." (1 Peter 3:11)
  3. "And whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight." (1 John 3:22)
  4. "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." (James 5:16)

Notice that the last verse says that the effective, fervent prayer of a "righteous" man will avail much.

Put all four of these verses together - and the message is coming through loud and clear. If you want to have any kind of a chance of having any kind of an effective and powerful prayer life with God the Father, then you are going to have to be willing to stay out of any sins or bad activities that you know will not be pleasing to Him, or that you know will be going against any of His basic commandments on how we are to live out this life.

You are going to have to make every effort on your end to stay on the righteous side of the fence in your walk with the Lord - and to stay away from the areas that you know that He will not want you to cross over into.

2. Your Iniquities Will Separate You From God

I have always found this next verse to be one of the more heavier verses on the consequences of continuing to live in major sin after you get to know your Lord and Savior. Even though this first verse I will list is from the Old Testament - I believe that the specific wording of this verse also applies to all New Testament Christians.

Though God can now fully forgive all of your sins as a result of Jesus dying on the cross for all of us - this does not give you the right to keep on sinning - especially if you know that you what you are doing is a real sin against God to begin with.

This next verse will tell us that our iniquities, if they are bad enough, can literally "separate us" from God. This verse then makes the very intense statement that He will hide His face from us and that He will not even hear us if we try and speak to Him. This is about as graphic of a warning that we can receive from the Lord if any of us is wallowing and walking in any heavy sin areas - and then we try to approach Him to answer any of our prayers in the prayer room.

The second verse then says that he who turns his ear away from hearing and obeying any of God's laws - that even his prayers will be considered an abomination before the eyes of God. So not only will God turn His back on you and refuse to hear anything you may want to say to Him - but He will now consider any of your prayer requests to be an abomination in His sight if you are asking Him for something - and then at the same time you are continuing to walk and live in some of the heavier type sins.

God will not be mocked!

You cannot be out having multiple affairs on your spouse, verbally and/or physically abusing your spouse or your children, scamming others in your job, abusing alcohol, doing drugs - and then think that the Lord is going to turn a blind eye to all of this because His Son has already paid the price for your transgressions.

The Bible is emphatically clear. You can only receive God's forgiveness for the sins you already know about if you are willing to confess these sins out to begin with - and then repent and agree to make every possible effort not to go back into those sins.

The word "repent" means to be willing to turn away from those sins. It means to be willing to have a change of mind, a change of attitude and a change of heart concerning those sins. It means to be willing to see that they are wrong in the eyes of God.

As a result of this separation that can occur, many of God's children have lost contact with Him because they have refused to pull out of some of these heavier sins. This is not to say that they have lost their eternal salvation with Him - but they are losing any chance of having Him work full force in their lives with what little time they still have left down here to accomplish anything worthwhile for Him.

These are two very strong verses. Here they are:

  1. "But your iniquities have separated you from your God; and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear." (Isaiah 59:2)
  2. "One who turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be an abomination." (Proverbs 28:9)

These two verse perfectly line up with the verses mentioned in the first caption. Again, no fancy interpretation needed on these verses. They mean exactly what they are saying.

3. Holding Unforgiveness Towards Others

One very special area that God is really wanting all of us get a real grip on is holding any unforgiveness towards anyone who may have wronged us. As you will see in the verse I will list below, it literally starts out with the words "And whenever you stand praying."

From there, it goes on to state that we are to forgive anyone that we may have something against - and then it ends with the very dire warning that if we don't forgive those who trespass against us, then God will not forgive us our trespasses.

This verse is thus giving us two very solemn warnings. With the verse actually starting out with the words "whenever you stand praying" - I believe that God is trying to tell us that we should not even bother to attempt to approach His throne room for prayer if we are holding any serious unforgiveness towards anyone else.

Here is the verse:

"And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses." (Mark 11:25)

To those of you who may be having a hard time in connecting to the Lord in your prayer life and don't seem to be getting too many of your prayers answered - ask the Holy Spirit to show you if you have any blocks or hindrances in your walk with the Lord that is affecting your prayer life with God the Father - especially in the area of unforgiveness.

If the Holy Spirit does show you that you have some areas of unforgiveness in your life that may need to be dealt with - work very closely with Him in getting these matters resolved with the Lord. If you don't, you may continue to stay stuck and grounded in your prayer life with God the Father. And if you can't get your prayers answered with the Lord - then you are not going to be able to continue to move much further ahead in your walk and destiny with Him.

Your prayer life is like the oil to the engine. Shut your prayer life down - and the whole engine will bog or shut down.

4. Husbands - Honor Your Wives

This next verse is another very interesting verse. In this verse, God is telling all husbands to honor their wives and to dwell with them "with understanding" - and that if they don't, their prayers will be "hindered."

In other words, God is telling all husbands to treat their wives in a godly manner, with love and proper respect - and not to be running roughshod over them since they are considered the weaker vessel in this verse. If you are not treating your wives with respect, kindness and proper understanding - then God is telling you that you are going to have a very tough time with Him in the prayer room in being able to get Him to answer a lot of your prayers.

The fact that God is isolating this particular quality along with the problem of holding any unforgiveness towards anyone else is telling you how big of a deal these two issues are with Him. The fact that He is going to shut down your prayer life with Him if you are in violation of these two principles is a very serious warning.

Here is the verse:

"Likewise you husbands, dwell with them with understanding, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, THAT YOUR PRAYERS MAY NOT BE HINDERED." (1 Peter 3:7)

The Bible tells us that the husband is supposed to be the head of the household. If the husband is mistreating his wife, then God is not going to be hearing his prayers. And if the husband is not going to be able to get any of his prayers answered - then the rest of the household could seriously suffer as a result.

There thus could be a serious domino effect that could occur in a household if the husband does not have his act together with his wife and with his God. Your prayer life is the lifeblood of your engine with the Lord. If that shuts down - your walk and your whole forward momentum in the Lord could stall or completely shut down.

Husbands - make sure that your house is in order if you want to continue to propel forward at maximum speed and maximum power in your walk and call with the Lord.

If you don't, God will personally shut you down until you can get your house back in order.


When you put all of the above verses together - you can't help but see a major prayer secret. Though we have all been made perfectly righteous in the eyes of God as a result of Jesus dying on the cross for all of our sins - we still have to make every effort on our end to stay out of any serious sins and transgressions - especially the kind that we know will get us in major trouble with the Lord.

You simply can't be doing drugs, abusing alcohol, cheating on your spouse, scamming and cheating others on your job, delving into areas of the occult, chasing after other false doctrines and religions - and then think that the Lord is simply going to turn a blind eye and let a lot of these matters go without you having to suffer the consequences as a result of treading into territories that are expressly forbidden.

You play - you pay - either in this life or the next!

There thus will always be serious consequences for entering and engaging in sins that do not get confessed and forgiven under the blood of Jesus. And one of those severe consequences is having your prayer life get completely shut down with God the Father.

The Bible once again could not make things any more clear. God the Father will simply not be hearing any of your prayers or listening to anything you may have to say if you are not making some kind of concerted effort on your end to live a good and righteous life under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

For the most part, most Christians know how far they can push the envelope with God the Father. Through the convictions of the Holy Spirit, most Christians know where their boundary lines are set at with the Lord.

Tread past those boundary lines - and you could risk having God turn His face away from you and refuse to hear any of your prayers, petitions or requests. And if you can't get God to answer any of your prayers in this life - then you have just taken yourself right off of His playing field and you have now just been asked to sit on the bench in His dugout!

If any of you feel like your prayer life has stalled or has been stuck in neutral with the Lord for quite sometime - try asking God to show you if there are any blocks or hindrances by way of any sins or transgressions that may need to be dealt with. Be sensitive to anything that the Holy Spirit may want to bring up from your past.

Whatever the Lord may bring up for you that has to be dealt with - take each one of these problems and issues head on. If you don't, and you don't get these matters totally resolved with the Lord - then you will continue to stay stuck and grounded in your prayer life with Him.

And if your prayer life continues to stay stuck and grounded as a result of your refusal to pull out of certain sins and transgressions that He wants you to pull out of - then you will have just taken yourself right off of His major league playing field - and you will continue to stay seated on the bench in His dugout until you can agree to see and do things His way.

Some of God's people right now are in judgment with Him. When that happens - their calls and their walk with Him will completely shut down until they agree to repent and turn from the sins and transgressions they have been walking in.

These verses are giving you major revelation in an area where many Christians have got themselves in trouble with the Lord.

I'll end this article with a word to the wise - God always knows best. Do things His way and your life and your walk with Him will become much easier.

Do things your way - and you will eventually end up becoming a train wreck just waiting to crash and burn. The choice is yours.