Excuse us

 Ralph defends royalty regime   Premier Ralph Klein saID there's no need to review the royalty structure in the energy sector. Critics say the amount of money Albertans get from the oil and gas industry is among the lowest in the industrialized world.  Government statistics show the amount of cash being reeled in by the energy sector is getting bigger, while the piece of the pie going to every-day Albertans is getting smaller.

Fort McMurray votes to put brakes on oil sands  Canadian Press FORT MCMURRAY, ALTA. — The mayor and council in this booming northern Alberta city voted unanimously Tuesday to try and put the brakes on all future oil sands development until something is done to improve the area's infrastructure. Specifically, Mayor Melissa Blake and the council for the Municipality of Wood Buffalo agreed to apply for intervenor status when oil sands giant Suncor goes to the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board on July 5 to apply for an expansion of its operations. However, they also decided to take the same action for any future application by any other oil sands company. “There's going to be a definite impact on how much the oil sands itself can advance and progress if we can't get our housing situation under control,” said Ms. Blake. “We can't get people to move to the community. Then we'll start losing business services ... we need to get more people working in service and hospitality.”
Meanwhile Klein is gone on at world wide vacation paid by the poor people of Alberta. This is the Conservative Government's management style. Unacceptable
Speaking some more about the bad Conservative way.. "Flaherty rejects request to end tax breaks for booming oil industry CP - Tue Jun 13, 04:54 PM EST  OTTAWA (CP) - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has rejected a request from environmental groups to end an estimated $1.4 billion in annual tax breaks to the booming oil industry."
In case you could not tell by the price gouging at the gas pumps oil profits are at a record level AND SO IS THE AMOUNT OF TAX MONEY THE GOVERNMENTS COLLECT HERE TOO.. NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST.. JUST ALL GREED.
and the Liberals are really no better?
Quebec government cuts short debate on controversial park sale  QUEBEC (CP) - Amid allegations of conflict of interest, the government of Premier Jean Charest cut short debate Monday on a controversial law allowing the sale of park land to a private developer. Bill 23 will allow the province to sell a ski hill and golf course in Mount Orford provincial park in the Appalachian Mountains, 130 kilometres southeast of Montreal. "Whose real interests do they want to promote?" said Diane Lemieux, a Parti Quebecois member of the national assembly. "Are they the interests of the people of Quebec or the friends of the premier?" Cutting short the debate is unacceptable under the cloud of conflict that exists over the park sale, said the PQ. The opposition cited media reports that former provincial Liberal minister and Charest fundraiser, Paul Gobeil, is the controlling partner in Mont Orford Inc., a potential buyer and developer of the land. The opposition PQ demanded an inquiry into the sale.
Nova Scotians stick with minority government - third one in four elections.  HALIFAX (CP) - Canada's youngest premier Rookie Tory Leader Rodney MacDonald, 34, wins a reduced minority government as Nova Scotia's electorate once again showed its reluctance to be ruled by a single party.  PM Harper should note this too.
It is amazing that when I had written emails to many Provincial and federal legislative members that Legislature members and were using their constituent resources for non constituent usage's that I was next called a liar by some members of the Alberta legislature, including one real loser who still wants to become a premier too,  when the facts are apparent that such immoral acts, events do occur unacceptably still in Canada's politics for decades now too..
The honourable Bishop Henry of Calgary is rightfully complaining about the half baked Catholics who use gambling as a means to supplement their income, something I have written about and pointed out years ago too, as to how also it unacceptable it was for any Christians, evangelicals, and the clearly immoral, bad, very worldly Ralph Klein to use this approach too,  and it is  just as much as  immoral for Ralph Klein still to go on a world wide tour before retiring at the tax payer's expenses now as well.
Look it should also be still very obvious that too many people still do go into politics to steal the tax payer's money.. federally and provincially ..

"Newfoundland's Conservative Natural Resources Minister Ed Byrne stepped down on Wednesday.  On Friday afternoon, a New Democrat announced he's retained a lawyer because of the auditor's inquiries.  Two unnamed Liberals are also said to be involved. Now the spotlight has turned to an opposition MHA. New Democrat Randy Collins acknowledges he's being investigated and has retained legal counsel. The four assembly members are alleged to have overbilled their constituency expense accounts by $1 million in total."

Unless these people get real punishment they all will not stop.

Now it should be very Obvious to all by now that new federal Conservative government, party are really now no different than the bad Liberals we had before, and it can bee seen that both of these political parties are mainly seeking their own gratification, thus are mainly wanting to  stay in power, to win the reelection for none of them, none of them really do still now care about serving the good welfare of all the people of Canada equally and it really shows.. not till the next federal election will things likely even change here. Sad really sad.