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There is a clearly  unacceptable  noticeable lack of good leadership today to guide All of the CANADIANS during the troublesome times in Canada today.  

The question -- and it deserves to be shouted -- is:  'Where is and was the government?"

Janurary 2004 was the start of my recent rash of written correspondences mainly on the unacceptable  tax payers money abuses, injustices at the federal, provincial, municipal levels too as well, and it was specifically initially started because I had strongly, rightfully objected to anyone in the province of BC being kicked of social welfare, even if they are alcoholics, drug users... I still do rightfully and loudly  object to anyone being kicked of social welfare even in BC or elsewhere. Rather than cutting back on the governmental aid, programs to  the poor and needy persons mainly because of the government's own past mismanagement we all do now too need to really take another continual look at how effective our tax dollars are being used by the civil and public servants, their managers, politicians now too. Fire all the drunks, alcoholics, tax payer's money abusers firstly too.
I rightfully also do not automatically assume that my elected representatives on their own are doing now  a good job looking after me and everyone else. They also do need to be supervised  now as well, and even next even held accountable too for their bad acts too. I am also clearly not running for political office, I already have a job I can do well too, now even making sure that Canada's Ministers, the elected Members, are doing theirs. It seems our mostly pretentious, lying, self serving representatives only personally listen to us at election times.. federal, provincial leaders are too often still mainly looking after themselves, their friends once elected..  and they do still too often lie to get elected, and do lie even after they are elected. And how does your elected representative  deal with your concerns now? Ignore you, schedule another golf game for herself or himself? make another pretentious statement? divert the issue to the future or what?
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